Discover the power of laughter, perspective, and love when you read how one family works together to overcome their laughable daily problems such as a church bag that hasn't been cleaned since 1970, thousands of pens disappearing for no reason, and a dog that escapes into the neighbor's house and begs for chicken. With subjects ranging from zucchini crime to selling rocks to the neighbors, this book is sure to win the hearts of mothers and grandmothers everywhere.

These humor essays are designed to lift you as a mother and make you laugh and enjoy the ups and downs of your divine calling. You will find comfort in knowing that nobody is perfect and that's okay. We all struggle with similar issues and problems. Caution: Eating and drinking while reading this book could be hazardous to your outfit. Get ready to laugh and love your job as a mother.

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"A heart-warming book filled with funny and touching stories that gently remind us what life is all about - love, learning and lots of laughter! I laughed out loud MANY times! "
~ Wendy Christensen, author of "It's the Little Moments that Matter"

"If laughter is the best medicine then Kersten Campbell is a healer of great skill."
~ James A. Ballou, Ph.D., Author of Soul Survivor

"This is a must have book, kept within reach at all times, so when you feel like hanging your child upside down inside his/her closet for misdeeds of the past 5 minutes, you grab this book instead - lock yourself in the bathroom -press earplugs deep into the ear canals so children's noises cannot penetrate - and open this book. Within a few minutes the misdeed will have been forgotten because you will be too busy giggling, chuckling, or outright laughing while thinking to yourself "I guess it could be worse."
~ JoAnn Arnold, author of Prince Etcheon and the Secret of the Ancient

"OK, everyone, you simply must run to the closest bookstore and get Kersten's book--not just for you, but for every LDS mother you know ...I got mine in the mail today and not only am I LOVING it, but my 13 yr old daughter can't keep her hands off it. She struggles with reading, but Kersten, your book has her mesmerized.  Your Confessions book, Kersten, is now on my top ten list. What an excellent job."
~ C.S. Bezas, author of Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers

"Kersten Campbell is a comic genius.  At the end of a long day, I picked up her book and within fifteen minutes was laughing from deep in my belly.  She has a delightful sense of timing and while reading her book, you get the feeling you are listening to a stand-up comic.  I kept picturing my grandson getting up to all those tricks and decided I must purchase this for my daughter!  It definitely puts motherhood’s most frustrating moments in perspective.  I highly recommend this as a gift for mothers and grandmothers.  It would make a great Mother’s Day gift."
~ GG Vandagriff, author of "The last Waltz", and many other wonderful novels.

"Got your book this weekend, there was a few chapters I laughed so hard tears were coming. My thirteen year old is trying to get his hands on it--guess I will move it to the coffee table so everyone can enjoy it. I’m so glad my kids aren’t the only ones who make me question my sanity in this journey called motherhood!!!"
~ Diony George, author of "Torn Apart"

"Kersten Campbell, author of "Confessions of a Completely Insane Mother" is a woman after my own heart. Her book of quick witted essays on motherhood had me laughing until my sides hurt because I could relate to so many of them!!!"
~ Stacy Gooch-Anderson, author of "Life is Tough: I Doubt I'll Make it Out Alive"

"Warning: do not read this book while drinking milk because the milk will definitely come shooting out your nose while you laugh at these stories (and who needs another mess to clean up?)"
~ Rebecca Talley, author of "Heaven Scent"

"In classic Seinfeld fashion, Campbell transforms the mundane minutia of life into comical treasures imbued with warmth and tenderness. This collection of homespun vignettes is packed with positive pro-family, pro-marriage messages while dismissing the stigma over imperfection. Love matters. Laughter matters.... if Kersten Campbell is insane, sign me up as well, because family life from her point of view is irresistible!"
~ Laurie LC Lewis, author of the series "Free Men and Dreamers"

"I have gotten so much enjoyment out of reading your short stories that I'm sure so many other people will love them too. I got my sister hooked too, so I know it's catching!"
~ blogger name:  Clan of the Crazies

"Kersten is a new author and her foray into the humorous realms of motherhood are priceless. There is an absolutely hilarious tale of one of her daughters "flying" that just had me in stitches just visualizing the situation. Each of her lessons we can all learn from, even us grandmothers. We all can use a lot of humor in our everyday lives to get through all the stresses of raising our children. I had the opportunity of finishing this little book of wisdom while waiting to see my Oncologist yesterday and it was al I could do not to laugh out loud. This is a book to treasure for the insights Kersten has. I was wondering how she would handle her Primary lesson, but she did with grace.
~ Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri K. Rodeman

"This story is so sweet AND hilarious! I just love your writing style!"
~ Ruth,the Mom: Funny mom blogger and mother of two

"This book is highly entertaining and indeed humorous."
~ Alena Telford, reviewer for My Clean Book

"I seriously laughed until I cried. I had to tone myself down so that I didn't wake up a sleeping Audrey in the next room! You have a gift for story telling!" 
~ Maria from Utah, Mother of 1

"Your stories are so much fun to read. You are an incredibly creative writer! Keep the stories coming!" 
~ Julie from Michigan, Mother of 4

"I laughed until I cried. The flying incident is the best. I'd never heard of that before! I'm reading this to my kids tonight." 
~ Julia, from Washington, Mother of 4

"I now have tears in my eyes from enjoying your soccer story. Thanks!!!!!" 
~ Tamsin, from Washington, aunt of 20

"It inspired tears of laughter, as usual. I'm just afraid readers are going to have to take your book in small doses, if only for the sake of their own mascara."
~ Judy from Washington

"This is so hugely funny. Especially the duct tape to the swing part. I laughed so hard my 15 year old asked me what was wrong. So good!!!"
~ Cafe mom username "Irishhillbilly"

"I am laughing so hard my tummy hurts. Great abs work out!...Love it!!!"
~ Tiffany, from Utah

"I really really love your book.It really cracked me up. I hope the next book is good like that one.I know that book is intended to be a mother's book, but, you will be thrilled to find that I think it could also make a big hit amongst the younger ones."
~ Miriam Dixon, Age 9


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